Rotarian Morgan Cadmus asked Rotarians to sign up to be Regency Speak2 Pal at
Morgan has started a new program at the Regency. Become a Speak2 Pal. Sign up to help your neighbors. Being a Speak2 Pal means you can leave messages for Seniors at the Regency who would love to hear from you. Using the Speak2 Family app you can text or speak messages anytime. Your message will be uplifting and provide a real connection with a Senior who appreciates you.
Rotarians were ready to start helping others during this virus. Becoming a Speak2 Pal is one way to do it. There were also discussions about how to use the current RI grants to make masks for local businesses. 
As Don led the meeting, he also enjoyed 127 West's fish and chips. Several Rotarians have been getting Faro's food to support our Rotary location even though we can't be there. Don reminded the group that if you order from Faro, please notify Kathye.