We were fortunate enough to have Ms. Masayo Halpin, retired FBI Special Agent, speak to our club about an extremely difficult topic - Sex Trafficking of Children. Ms Halpin's presentation was very interesting, current, and necessary. We thank her for her work as a retired FBI Agent and her current work making our community aware of a prolific business that is harming our children and our families. For more information or to contact on Ms Halpin click "Read more...".



Ms. Halpin is an expert on Sex Trafficking of Children. She was a Special Agent with the FBI for 20 years. Ms. Halpin served as the Crimes Against Children Coordinator and created the Portland FBI  Sex Trafficking Task Force.  Ms. Halpin investigated and arrested traffickers who preyed on young girls and  she assisted in connecting those girls to services with the main goal of getting them out of "The Life."  Ms. Halpin collaborated with the non-governmental organizations and Social Services to develop a multi-disciplinary approach when working with these victims.    


Prior to working in the FBI, Ms. Halpin was an attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and specialized in Domestic Violence.

For more information or to reach Ms. Halpin go to https://masayohalpin.com/