April was a busy month for celebrations, which were combined with March birthdays & anniversaries. The Foundation also presented Fallbrook Land Conservancy with a check $2,500.
The month of April was a busy one, where we celebrated the birthdays and anniversaries for a number of Rotarians and their spouses. The Foundation also recognized Fallbrook Land Conservancy, one of our key charity partners, with a check for $2,500.  Pictured with Prez. Ally are Foundation President Erica Williams and representing FLC, Susan Liebes and Karla Standridge.
Hadley Johnson, March 11
Scott Harry, March 16
Katrina Singer, March 16
Ron Berry, March 21
Fernanda Natale-Reynolds March 21
Rachel Mason, April 20
Jonathan Dickson, April 22
Adam Williams, April 24 (spouse of Erica)
Marie & David Wade, March 2
Lea & Rudy Curcio, April 8
Rotary Anniversaries:
Vince Ross, 1983
Scott Harry 2006
Eric Ramos, 2007
Erica Williams, 2009
Dan Allegro, 2012
Jimmy Roberson, 2021