Rotarians enjoy the holidays at Casa Tiene Vista Vineyard!
Rotarians savored the wonderful venue with breathtaking views and wine tasting.   A lovely meal was catered by Faro Trupiano's 127 West Social House. 
The entrance and foyer were a welcoming site with a collection of amazing nutcrackers.

Sandy Maruca, Jen Weeks and Helen Archibold share a good laugh. 


Vince Ross and Charles Mackey sample the wine and appetizers.


The wine and appetizers are worth sampling according to Erica Williams and Melinda Stone.


Don Weeks and George Ibold were glad to see Nick Beye again. Our Rotarian Nick fell off a ladder at Thanksgiving but is still able to join in the fun! His secret weapon is a hidden exoskeleton. 


This elegant wine room also contains a table for appetizers and desserts.


Everyone appreciates the warm fire including George Archibold and Steve Trombetta.


Karen Ramos, Randy Beye, Nick Beye, and Eric Ramos share a table with their wine. 


Chuck Ibold (center) leans back to relax with Vince Ross (left)  and Karen Ibold (right).


Everyone agreed the scenery was amazing!