CEO Lori Gosselin discusses the power of community building. 
Through her Kalliergo Community Building Corporation, Ms. Gosselin fulfills her mission to spread community consciousness around the globe. She introduces the power of community building to make organizational leaders more successful, support workers' mental health and employee retention. Community building (not team building – they are not the same) is relationship building and relationships form the foundation of any successful collaborative endeavor.
Creating community in the workplace results in employee retention in a happy environment. It requires the seven pillars: commitment, inclusivity, authenticity, support, shared leadership, collaboration, and camaraderie. In this digital age, community is important as we work together online. Community grows in stages. Pseudo-community allows everyone comes together without  genuine commonality or depth of interaction. Once chaos occurs, the group has a choice between going backwards into pseudo-community or move through chaos into emptiness. Emptiness resolves the chaos by looking at what disturbed the group and understand the chaotic topic logically. The last stage is voluntary community building that develops the group's relationships and results in transformed dynamics. There are true relationships. 
CEO Lori Gosselin spent three years researching and writing a book about community entitled Sounding the Drum: Community Building in the Digital Age.