Steve and his wife, Allison, are proudly wearing airline steward uniforms during Karen's demotion. All Rotarians enjoy the spoof that includes Karen's profession as an air traffic controller. 
This exciting evening included an in-flight scenario skit along with a celebration of outgoing President Karen Utley. The Fallbrook Village Rotary was honored by the presence of  Assistant District Governor Devon Richardson and Fallbrook Rotary Club's President Connie Fish. Rotary dinner hosts, Kathye and Jim Rietkerk, provided an elegant feast. Their Kallisto Farm was a lovely outdoor venue for the evening. 
Stewards Allison Abbott and Kathye Rietkerk inform the Rotarians about the demotion flight plan.
Incoming President Steve Abbott awards Karen with her plaque for her tireless Rotary work.
Assistant District Governor Devon Richardson tells Karen how much she has enjoyed working with her.
Fallbrook Rotary Club's President Connie Fish presents a parting gift to Karen.
The Rotary Crowd cheers for outgoing President Karen Utley.
Outgoing President Karen Utley presents her certificates of appreciation.
Everyone appreciated the fine food provided at the Kallisto Farm by Rotarian Kathye and Jim Rietkerk.