Fallbrook Village Rotarians Gordon Stone and Chuck Ibold set up their Tug-of-War sign on the 50-yard line. Photographs by Rotarian Don Weeks.
Rotarians managed six divisions of fourth, fifth and six grade boys and girls in Tug-of-War. Our Rotarians handled refereeing, scoring and scheduling to support the Don Dornon Games. These games took place at the Fallbrook Union High School - Football Field & Track.

Rotarians Chuck Ibold and Gordon Stone stand ready to handle the Tug-of-War.

In the center of the action, Rotarian Chuck Ibold (in the straw hat) oversees two teams in a pull. 
Rotarian Gordon Stone (center) referees while the students gives their best pull. 
All the students put forth their best efforts mid-field. 
Rotarians enjoyed assisting in the Don Dornon Games.