Our scholarship winners, Miss and Teen Fallbrook and their Courts enjoyed a Friday Night at the Friendly Village.
"We had an amazing time with our beautiful community members last night!" announced Miss and Teen Fallbrook and their Courts on Facebook. They loved seeing everyone and browsing around town.  During these Fridays & Saturdays in the Friendly Village, the streets temporarily close for outside dining at local restaurants. It is not considered an event. Instead, it a time to manage social distancing in open spaces while supporting local businesses. 
The scholarship recipients make friends by the Fallbrook Art Center. According to their Facebook post, "Our favorite part of wearing the crown is being able to inspire the little ones to dream big! Our new friend told us she wanted to be a princess, too, one day. In response, our amazing First Princess, Taylor decided to crown one of our fellow royalty."
Miss Teen Fallbrook and First Princess vogue with a Mimi's mannequin.