Solutions for Change's Senior Development Officer Debra Sallaz spoke about the children freed from generational homelessness.

Ms. Sallaz presented information about Solutions for Change that transforms lives and communities by permanently solving family homelessness. Their approach is unique, providing a complete and sustainable solution driven by accountability.

Solutions for Change’s Mission solves family homelessness permanently and breaks the cycle of generational homelessness. Ms. Salaz is passionate about helping to give parents and their children a hope and future. She loves that lives can be rewritten and transformed. She believes everyone should have this opportunity if they are willing to change and do the work for their sons and daughters.

When homeless families walk through their door, they meet the receptionist (a program graduate) and join an accountability program. Rehab is their first step, if required. During the first 45 days, a family receives intact access housing onsite and a case manager assignment. Parents start working at the hydroponic farm and paying their rent. The next 500 days covers adults consistently working, children using daycare or school facilities, and main campus housing. Everyone is taught to “get-up, suit up, and show up” for their activities. Parents learn to keep a job and take education classes. By the time families participate for 1000 days, they move to offsite housing and search for outside jobs. 

Solutions for Change has a 93% success rate with 2200 children and 850 families working through the program. Their families consist of 90% single mothers with children. The key is getting people to work. This organization turned down $600,000 in government funds that didn’t allow for the employment requirement. It is part of transforming the lives of the homeless. The organizations funding is 40% from the community and 60% from rentals to the homeless families.

There were brochures available with more information. To learn more, click on the following link -


During this in-person meeting and presentation, Zoom also supported social distancing. Rotarians Edith Samouillet (left) and Don Weeks (right) smile as John Crawford starts the invocation.