President Karen Utley poses with Guest Speaker Principal Dr. Narciso Iglesias. 

Principal Dr. Narciso Iglesias provided information about the alternative schools in the Fallbrook Union High School (FUHS) System. The main campus, Fallbrook High School, has 2100 students. 

The alternative schools assist those that did not stay at Fallbrook High School for various reasons. Ivy High School has grades 10 through 12 with 100 students. Ivy students may be deficient in credits at Fallbrook High, working full-time or parents of small children. For Oasis, there are 80 students in grades 9 through 12. These students are usually athletes or actors in independent study. Each student meets with a teacher one hour per week and studies at home.

He spoke about challenges kids in high school face today, Students are experiencing a lot of stress. So, the teachers are trained in social-emotional learning. He suggested Rotarians could collaborate with the high schools and have students volunteer at Rotary functions. This helps students earn their community service credits. 

Dr. Iglesias attends the Student of the Month (SOM) awards regularly. He spoke about the students that attend those ceremonies and how they earned SOM.