This project uses “Stabilized Soil Block” to build Malawi children’s schools.

Mlambe Project Trustee John Ifould (left) told Rotarians about Malawi.  Located in southeastern Africa, Malawi is a very poor country. Many children do not attend school and spend their lives working on a subsistence farm. If they do attend school, it is outdoors even in the rainy season. A decent building would provide school credibility and the building’s bathroom facilities would open the door to young girls. If young girls are not in school, they become child brides resulting in more health concerns.

The project provides school buildings with facilities to support the community and children’s education. Using ecologically considerate techniques, the high quality school buildings give schools and education credibility. Typical construction uses wood to fire the bricks and polutes the air. This wood is the only source of fire required for cooking so the project created “Stabilized Soil Block” that interlocks to make walls.

A close relationship exists between the Mlambe Project  and communities with schools. Buildings in Mlambe, Nankhono and Nkhonde created jobs for the area and generated contacts with local leaders. The buildings became social centers and voting locations. Locals gained jobs in project management, finance, and construction work.

More information is available on the Mlambe Project Website.