Rotarians bring flowers to the ladies at Fallbrook's Regency Retirement & Assisted Living.


It was a lovely Saturday afternoon when masked Rotarians carried beautiful bouquets through the Regency’s dining room and onto the patio. Residents sat inside finishing their lunch and expressed surprise and joy upon seeing the flowers paraded by their tables.  After setting up, Rotarians — Don Weeks, Sandy Maruca, Paula Shilts, and Jen Weeks — handed out flowers to the ladies as they travelled across the patio. One lady was so pleased! She said she never got flowers before because she didn’t have children. Another mom said she only had a son, so it was exciting to get a Mother’s Day bouquet from a woman who could be her daughter. All the ladies were so happy!


On the subject of daughters, Rotarian Sandy Maruca was able to share some flowers with her mom. Here are a few photos of the fun afternoon.


One last thing! An older gentlemen asked for flowers for his daughter who was going to pick him up. Of course, Rotarians obliged him!

Many thanks to Jim and Celeste Grimard who provided the flowers from a local florist.