Vice President/Solutions Graduate Jennifer Pankey told her own story.

Both Director of Community Engagement Emily Fauber (pictured above) and VP of Transformational Impact Jennifer Pankey spoke to our club about their program. There were 14 graduates this year who took control of their lives and reunited with their families.


Director Fauber presented the new way to help people while teaching them to work their way out of homelessness. She talked about the Churn where food and housing is provided short term but is only a handout that makes people dependent.The Solutions’ process teaches people to overcome their problems and be victorious. These victors can transform their lives to return to society where they are sober, hold jobs, unite their family and avoid crime. It is a 700-day program that covers seven areas:

  • Occupational,
  • Physical,
  • Intellectual,
  • Relational,
  • Spiritual,
  • Psychological, and
  • Environmental

The program teaches students how to grow in personal empowerment and wellness.

VP Pankey talked about being a generational meth user with two daughters now aged 13 and age 22. Breaking the generational cycle was important to provide for her girls. When she started, she hadn't experienced making dinner because she didn't receive dinner from her parents. She learned how to have a home and provide meals at Solutions for Change. She used to hold a job for six months but has been working at Solutions for Change for 11 years.  VP Pankey bought a house here in Fallbrook in Poets Square. Her older daughter has a career with Geico, and her younger daughter is amazing. She enjoys her children who volunteer at Solutions for Change events.

Check out the 2022 Graduates video to see how Solutions for Change impact lives. They also have a Facebook page.