Speakers Maritza Gonzalez and Carol Hodges with Don Weeks

Ms. Hodges started off the presentation showing the similarities between Rotary RI and Toastmasters. They are both global organizations with groups around the world, have a long history and volunteer leaders. She noted that both provide badges, help people grow personally and professionally and have membership impacted by COVID. She invited Rotarians to come by on Mondays at 6:45 – 8:30 pm in the Fallbrook Historical Society Ford Room. Toastmasters provided public speaking training for our Miss & Teen Fallbrook & Courts.

Ms. Gonzalez attended our Rotary meetings last summer. She spoke about how Toastmasters helped her as a school bus driver and Union Regional Representative. She demonstrated how she used to speak quietly and provide less information. After Toastmasters, she showed her enhanced speaking skills that helped her career. She was more outgoing, projected her voice and connected more with her audience.

In closure, Ms. Hodges let Rotarians know that Toastmasters never leave the stage empty. There is always a handoff.