Rotarian Kris May introduced herself during Tacky Tourist Day!

Once Kris arrived at the podium, Don had to adjust the laptop so all could see her. She announced, “Yes, I know! I am short!” Rotarians laughed as she said she is more comfortable in high heels than sneakers.

During the time of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Kris had very humble beginnings in beautiful Iran. Her Armenian parents had five children including Kris. She was an excellent student in Armenian school, so an oil company selected her and her friend to attend college in the desert. She attended for three years learning leadership, language and business in Farsi. 

Kris’ education stopped when she fell in love with an American engineer and got married. By that time, the Ayatollah took over and burned many businesses. Kris and her husband moved every two years and lived in many countries. In Canada, she had her son. They bought an Illinois restaurant that served breakfast and lunch. They added on a bar —- her brainy husband’s decision. They lost the business; they divorced. Kris got custody of her young son and moved to Arizona.

Kris met Bob, her current husband, in Arizona. They soon married and had a fantastic relationship with no chaos. She felt like she had lived three lives. She obtained her real estate license and when she was offered the business, she became a broker. She bought the real estate office to manage sales and rentals plus a mall. Working over 12 hours a day over many years, she was happy to sell to her best agents. 

What brought her to California? She helped a client who purchased a Temecula winery and needed staffing. Running the winery for 13 years, clients thought she owned the place! Her friend wanted retirement, so she brokered the sale to an investor 2019. Just in time, COVID was right around the corner.

What does she do today? She still manages her own properties and an Airbnb. She has experienced multiple countries and realizes her good fortune. She wishes people would see how difficult it is to live in other countries in poor areas. Most people who travel only near the colleges and affluent areas. She is excited to be in Rotary to help people in need.