Cindy Gobrecht talked about her son, travels, volunteering and career.


Cindy joined our club six month ago. While she lives in Vista, she enjoyed meeting all the people in our friendly village and joined the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce. At the September Chamber Gala, she met Jen who kept inviting her to a Rotary lunch. “Well,” she joked, “Never say no to a free lunch.” She enjoyed the people of our club so we stayed with us. And we are glad she did!

On the personal side, she has helped her family throughout her life. She grew up in Sacramento and obtained her degree in Anthropology and Linguistics with a minor in Literature at UCSD. Her graduation photo showed her dad who passed away in 1985.  She moved to Cincinnati when her ex-husband was in medical school. When her son — Nick Gobrecht — lived with his dad in South Caroline, she moved to be nearer to young Nick.  Her mom started to decline so she returned to Sacramento. Nick, who joined the USMC stationed at Camp Pendleton, became a trumpet player with a military band. She came back to San Diego to help him when he was ill. Nick returned to his ex-husband when her mom moved to her with more health issues. She helped her mom until she passed at New Year's 2021. She plans to stay in San Diego and loves the beaches here.

Cindy’s volunteering started in Northern California with a church’s mercy trip to an orphanage in Kardelen, Turkey. She said, “If I could end someone’s suffering for a few minutes, it would all be worth it.” During her time in the orphanage’s playroom, Cindy saw a child who couldn’t stop screaming because she lost her parents in an earthquake. The child screamed in fear unless Cindy held her. Cindy spent all her time in the playroom holding the girl, soothing her tears. Obviously, It was all worth it. Cindy has also volunteered for other churches and foundations. The Mary Kay foundation provides funds to end domestic violence and fight cancer. During Fallbrook Chamber fundraising, she sold Mary Kay to support the honorary mayor.

While she considered other occupations, her Mary Kay career spans 36 years. She has earned 19 automobiles with the first one achieved in North Carolina. She has been awarded diamond rings and had an amazing experience onstage wearing a sash like Miss America. She has written Christian books and has her own blog. Check out the her website for more information.


After her presentation, Cindy (right) poses with Don Weeks.
Don sports fun decorations provided by Kathy and Ally who returned from a trip to the southern states. He received a snazzy hat, New Orleans beads, New Orleans fridge magnet, Cajun Ginger Cake,  a Louisiana flag plus magnet, and Rosie Joe's seasoning.