Nick Beye and George Archibold had a lively dinner discussion.
Rotarians gathered for an evening potluck at the Weeks' house. Trupiano's catered with excellent Chicken Bow-Tie and Penne Pastas. Partygoers brought appetizers, side-dishes and desserts, while everyone carried in laughter. 
Kathy and Jim Rietkerk enjoyed the meal.
Helen Archibold had a good conversation with Ally Abbott and Fernanda Natale-Reynolds. 
Fernanda Natale-Reynolds and Sandy Maruca with her friend, Karen, relaxed after the meal. 
Randy Beye made the deliciously-spiked chocolate cake,  and the Host Don Weeks enjoyed that dessert very much. 
Steve Abbott, Chuck Ibold and Karen Utley hung out in the kitchen for a bit. 
Relaxing on the couch side were Sandy Maruca, Kathy Rietkerk, Karen Utley, Erica Williams and Ally Abbott. Look out the window on the right. See the partygoers watch the dog party as pups run down the back hill.