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Pictured from left to right: Rotarian Gordon Stone, Director/Lead Teacher Rachael Smith, Treasurer Tina Langham-Smith, Rotarian Karen Utley, and Parent Shelby Clark with Georgia Clark.

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Rotarians Gordon & Melinda Stone, Karen Utley, and Sherri Trombetta with the help of Miss Fallbrook Princess Roxy bring the Martinez family toys. 
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HO HO HO!  Santa posed with some of our Miss/Teen Fallbrook Scholarship winners at the Purple Foxes Christmas Party. Jayden painted faces and fun was had by all.
Kathy, Santa, Jayden & Roxy
Kathy, Roxy, Karen, 1st Lt Mike Weiss, Jayden & Sherri
Santa came out of the motor home behind us!!
Ugly sweater winner & his son (mom looked good too!).
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From left to right: Haley Flores, Freedom House;  Vanessa Hernandez, Spirit House;  Stacia Stotts, Honor House;  Joana Lopez, Oasis High School
These remarkable Students of the Month were honored at the North Coast Church Thursday morning. They truly bring hope and courage to our community and our country.  
For more information on each student click on "Read more..."
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From left to right: Kristin Rigsbee, Morgan Cadmus, Linda Prager, Karen Utley
Kristin Rigsbee spoke to our Club about the duties and responsibilities of Long-Term Care Ombudsman. Kristin and Linda have been serving San Diego County for a combined 38 years. They shared a lot of great information about what is required of Long Term Care facilities and how to care for your senior relative that may need help.
Kristin can be reached at http://kristin.rigsbee@sdcounty.ca.gov or you can visit http://www.livewellsd.org/
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 Regency Fallbrook Celebrates 15 Years  2018-11-30 08:00:00Z 0
Thank you to everyone for all your help & participation in the Turkey Trot. You braved the terrible weather (in the morning) and went above & beyond the call of duty.
Here are some highlights:
The Turkeys were out in droves (Club President Karen Utley & President Elect Steve Abbott).
Our hardworking registration crew:
Our Marine Runners with Race Coordinator & Sponsor (Fallbrook Village Fitness) Erica Williams & FVRC President Karen Utley.
Thank you too to our MC Gordon Stone and the many others (INTERACTORS & Explorers included) who worked so hard behind the scenes to make the whole event a huge success. 
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The Club enjoyed a great community project on 11-17-18. We placed mulch and planted succulents in the parkway in front of the Jackie Heyneman Park . Thank to everybody that participated. You were a lot of fun to work with and did a great job.
The Crew from left to right: Karen Utley, Steve Abbott, Chuck Ibold, Jack Bebee, Nick Beye, Don Weeks, George Archibald, Kathy, Jackie Heyneman, Gordon Stone
A well earned break.
Don, Karen, Chuck, George, Mick (Cothran), Jack, Nick & Steve
(Gordon's taking the picture)
For more pictures of the project go to the Photo Album labeled "Club Projects 2018-19"
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Social at Don & Jen Week's Home 11-10-18 2018-11-15 08:00:00Z 0
Nick Beye & Edith Samouillet went to Tijuana to help the Fallbrook Club build a home for a Mexican family. Here are some of the amazing pictures Edith took. To see more pictures click "Read More".
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Both Doug Boggs and Chuck Gunther worked on the Water Project in conjunction with Fallbrook Village Rotary, Rotary Malindi in Kenya, Uberlingen Rotary Club Germany, and Rotary International.  
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